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Chainkraft provides unparalleled insights, security, and peace of mind in the ever-evolving world of blockchain analytics.

🛡️ Stablecoin Volatility Protection

Stay ahead of the curve with our stablecoin depeg alerts. We actively monitor over 60 top stablecoins in real-time, offering instant notifications to safeguard your investments during value fluctuations. Navigate the complexities of the stablecoin market with confidence and security.

🔗 DeFi monitoring

Embrace the next generation of DeFi analysis with our comprehensive liquidity pool and AMM monitoring solution. We detect anomalies, send alerts, and enable proactive asset safeguarding, ensuring unmatched security and peace of mind for your DeFi investments.

🔍 Smart Contract anomalies

Our cutting-edge smart contract risk monitoring solution leverages advanced code analysis and vigilant transaction surveillance. This empowers you to act preemptively, ensuring the security of your assets against potential threats and vulnerabilities.